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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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Five for Friday :: 1 April 2011

April 1, 2011 9 Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

I’m a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and gratitude today as I prepare for the weekend ahead. I’m running in my second half marathon on Sunday. Meanwhile, the weather experts are calling for unseasonably cold temperatures and rain. It should be lovely… right.

051 {Justin and I in Baltimore before our last race}

I haven’t talked much about running lately on NTS, at least not since I shared with you all my passion for Girls on the Run and my experience of being overwhelmed by running as a privilege. But despite the lack of posts, I’ve been continuing to run – short runs, long runs, and everything in between. I have been learning to ditch the treadmill for the fresh, frigid air of winter and used running as a means of exploring my new city. I have been focusing on taking rest as seriously as exercise and fueling my body physically and emotionally. I have stopped comparing my training and my times to other runners, and decided that I will give it my all this weekend because I deserve the best of myself.

I have set a goal for myself of running a sub-2:00 hour race this weekend. (To give you a point of reference, my last half was completed in 2:25:56, so this would be a major accomplishment for me!) What I’m working to remember today is that to achieve that goal will require not running as fast I can toward the finish line, but rather slowing myself down at times, listening to the signals my body is sending me, and, of course, believing that I am capable of something that I might never have imagined I could do. I have learned so much from running, and I hope this weekend to show to show that I have been a attentive, honest student.

In the meantime, I of course want to share with you some thought-provoking things that I came across this week.


  • I’m a little obsessed with TED videos recently (at least it’s better than being immersed in Jersey Shore, right?), and am totally in love with this one. Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet, shares a slamming piece and talks about the power of sharing what we know to be true.
  • I couldn’t resist sharing any piece that talks about Glee, feminism, media literacy, and size acceptance all in one post. Check it out over on f-bomb.
  • My dear friend at Medicinal Marzipan takes on a topic that I know many of us struggle with… success! She reminds us that there’s a way to handle it gracefully – it just might be hard as hell for a while.
  • On the The Achilles Effect, Crystal makes strikingly apparent the differences gender stereotyping in toy ads. It Thanks to Melissa at Pigtail Pals for sharing this on facebook!
  • Hollerback Health reminds us to stop it with the passive-aggressive tweeting, already. I just thought this was fun – and an important life lesson about direct, honest communication.


Reader Comment of the Week :: Star on Reader Poll :: Does sharing negative body thoughts help or hurt?

There is a difference between sharing your story about you body and emotions connected and dwelling over the negative thoughts. A person who has always been ashamed of his/her body may find great freedom in finally expressing those dark thoughts. It can allow the person to not keep it so secretive, express feelings, and have the opportunity to process and challenge thoughts. However, it becomes harmful when a person stays dwelling in the negative thoughts or builds relationships with others based upon negative body thoughts. Dwelling in the thoughts, instead of trying to deal with feelings or process, will only increase the problem. So while sharing is good, do not make it the foundation of your relationship.

[Note: Go read all of the amazing comments on this post. Lots of smarts on this page and a great discussion!]


That’s it and that’s all. I’ll be sure to update you all about my race this weekend via twitter and facebook, so join the conversation if you haven’t already!

p.s. Be sure to check back Monday for a very special post!


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  1. Lisa Claudia Briggs, LICSW
    4 years ago

    Hey Ashley!
    Love the running as a sort of spiritual and beautiful… practice. Everything can be and so wonderful how you’re using this to stretch yourself and be more attuned and conscious vs as the way we often use exercise… wish the weather was going to be more kind to you but your picture looks happy and I’m rooting for you from SNOWY rustic Massachusetts.

    Love to you,

    Simple Sacred Solutions To Living Beautifully In Your Body


  2. Robyn
    4 years ago

    GOOD LUCK this weekend w/ your Half Marathon! Have fun and I hope you meet your goal.


  3. Kat
    4 years ago

    I truly believe that nervous excitement is a sign running is still very much fun for you.

    The woman that got me into running actually has won marathons and half-marathons (that was always daunting), but she would tell me the same thing you said in your post… to listen to your body. that it would tell you everything you needed to know if you just would let it.

    She didn’t have a trainer, she didn’t see a dietitian, she had $100 running shoes (which as you probably know are cheap running shoes), she didn’t run on a treadmill, nor did she use an iPod… she ran consistently and she listened to those cues. If she wasn’t feeling well or felt off… she didn’t run. Focusing less on the time and more on what was going on inside of her (knowing when it was good to push and when to hold back) is what she would tell me brought her each of her wins.

    I wish you the sincerest of abilities to listen to the rhythm (I sound like a person in the movie Cool Runnings…. erm…) and go with it. Have fun =)
    Kat recently posted..Full recovery


    • Kat
      4 years ago

      btw: are you running the Crossroads Marathon? I have a friend that’s running that… if it’s a consolation (for the weather) it’s supposed to be SUPER flat.
      Kat recently posted..Full recovery


  4. Dorry
    4 years ago

    It makes me so happy to read your mindset and mental/physical approach for your half marathon on Sunday. It’s YOUR race. That’s all that matters. I’ll be cheering from Dallas on Sunday morning. Try not to worry about the weather. It was supposed to rain last Sunday during our race, but it ended up just being overcast and cool. I know you’ll have a great race. Just remember to take it all in and have fun out there.
    Dorry recently posted..Bird’s Brain- Take 1


  5. Lori Lieberman
    4 years ago

    Best of luck Sunday! What a great message of working toward meeting our goals physically, on all levels, including with rest. It’s sooo often overlooked! And how pleasant to hear your sense of gratitude about doing this run!

    I find my self overwhelmed with emotion which seemingly comes form nowhere each year I cross the finish line on my bike at the end of my 2 day event, another year of living life to the fullest–with MS. I truly understand that feeling of gratitude which we all-too-often fail to acknowledge.


  6. Dana Udall-Weiner
    4 years ago

    I would love to read more about what you’ve learned from running, and will have to check out that post! Sending you good thoughts for the half-marathon, and for lots of self-care and rest.
    Dana Udall-Weiner recently posted..Self-Compassion- An Antidote to Negative Body Image Change Your Thoughts- Not Your Thighs!


  7. charlotte
    4 years ago

    I love your way of looking at running! I know you will attain your sub-2 hr goal! And I also loved Hollaback’s post about passive-agressive tweeting;)


  8. Andrea Owen
    4 years ago

    Didn’t know you were a runner! Me too :) Wrote about racing and being recovered on Kendra’s blog this week:



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