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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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Five for Friday :: 15 April 2011

April 15, 2011 7 Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul


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I’m traveling to Boston this week so that I can cheer my husband on as he runs in some race there. It’s supposed to be, like, a big deal or something… I hear it’s pretty crowded and usually cold, so maybe I’ll just skip it and grab a Dunkin Donut and wander around Harvard in search of scenes from Good Will Hunting. Tis one of my favorites…

Kidding, of course. I’m incredibly (incredibly!) proud of my husband for qualifying for and running in the Boston Marathon. Since I’ve developed my own passion for running, I can truly appreciate the amount of time, energy, and motivation it takes to make it to an elite level. He has trained tirelessly through the rather brutal winter – and for years prior to qualify – to make this dream a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited for him.

It may be easier said than done, but what I told him was that at this point, it’s all about having fun. You’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears (so I haven’t actually seen him cry… from running… but still.), and now it’s about soaking in the electric energy and letting your heart soar. I hope that all of you who are running spring races – or who are fulfilling other amazing dreams – remember this as well. You’ve made it. So enjoy it.

For some additional inspiration (and body love), check out these kick-butt posts that I rounded up for your reading pleasure:



Reader Comment of the Week :: Maria on I just want to be sad, okay?

I think it’s totally OK and should be welcome to have feelings other than happiness all the time! My god, what I like about happiness is that it’s different from my every day contentment (is that a word?). I try to let myself be sad when it’s warranted, like yesterday when my bike wheels got jacked. I gave myself one full day to be sad and pouty. But it doesn’t mean that i wasn’t content with life overall. As long as we understand why we feel that way, we should let ourselves experience the range of human emotions. It’s when you get stuck in just one emotion, that’s when the trouble starts.


Signing off, friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of hope, peace, and maybe some adventure. Let us know what amazing things you’ve read or written this week.

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  1. Lori Lieberman
    4 years ago

    Be there for him at Heartbreak Hill where he’ll need your encouragement the most!
    How long are you staying for? Perhaps we could meet for a pastry (and coffee, of course!)
    Lori Lieberman recently posted..Over 30 or 40 and Struggling Youre Not Alone!


  2. Kat
    4 years ago

    You definitely made me laugh with that first part, I love that sort of humor.

    Anyways: Great links as always, except for the Barbie link. I know I’m probably just being anal, but I truly think that points are better received and more solid when they are created from accurate facts that have been verified.

    The Barbie recreated could NOT have been recreated due to measurements of an actual Barbie — I’ve done the math and the way that Barbie looks in NO way reflects how a life size Barbie would. We can say that I’m arguing about a Barbie doll, but I feel that when people use incorrect information that they do not research themselves that it allows people to write off the entire argument (when the argument in this case could still be a good one based on the waist size — which though larger than what that claims is still roughly the size of Barbie’s head)

    Her head and her bust did not need to be manipulated in order to prove the point that Barbie is unrealistic — I actually think doing so HARMED that reception in this instance even if people take the article at surface value (un-factual value) because it does look SO ridiculous.
    Kat recently posted..lobby day – announcement


    • Kat
      4 years ago

      oh and Boston!!! The good thing is it’s fairly easy to bop around the Boston course to cheer people on — especially if you have a good idea of their pace. Have fun cheering him on!
      Kat recently posted..lobby day – announcement


  3. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun
    4 years ago

    Good luck to your husband! I can only imagine the energy at a race like that. I hope you have fun too. :)
    Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun recently posted..Self-Love Reflection- Finding Joy


  4. McKella
    4 years ago

    That’s so cool that your husband qualified for Boston! I agree with you that this should be the time to have fun. He’s worked so hard and he wanted this so much, so enjoy it! Good luck to him!
    And thanks for those links, I’ll be sure to check those out. I posted my weekly favorites here:
    I think the best thing I’ve read all week is the self love-letter challenge at Voice in Recovery, and I posted mine on my blog. I think I actually found out about that here first.
    McKella recently posted..Dear Self- Writing Love Letters to Ourselves


    • Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul
      4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your link post! I discovered a couple new things!


  5. maria
    4 years ago

    thanks for the shout out! hope you and justin enjoyed Boston!


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