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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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Five for Friday :: 1 July 2011

July 1, 2011 4 Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

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Not to be a downer on the whole red, white, and blue festivities or anything, but have you ever noticed just how much we tend to focus on “independence” in the United States? Now, I’m a major fan of all that this approaching holiday represents – family, grilled food, baseball, fireworks, and swimming pools (who can beat all that?)– but I was thinking… when is Interdependence Day?

Western cultural values tend to prescribe a heavy dose of individualism, which is part of what has made this nation a powerhouse. But at the individual level – the level of you and me – independence, total independence, is a total myth.

The fact is, we cannot live without one another. In no matter what nation we are born, as humans we are created as social beings. We long for companionship, validation, and the intimate knowledge of other human beings. In a very real way, we belong to each other.

We’re starting to recognize our interdependence on a national and global scale – and so it’s time to appreciate it on a personal one as well. For myself, I know that I am made stronger and more whole through my relationships with others. While others cannot totally heal or complete me, they can strengthen the pieces of me that are weak, if I allow myself to be open to that experience.

So on Independence Day this year, while we’re guzzling lemonade and watching sparklers dazzle us, take a moment to reflect on gratitude for our interdependence as well.

I hope you enjoy today’s Five for Friday. Be sure to leave amazing posts you’ve read or written this week below in the comments!



Reader Comment of the Week :: Kat on As sick as our secrets

My therapist actually brought up really similar today during our session… about the power of letting go of secrets. How talking about them and discussing them causes what starts out as power OVER you to EMpowerment of sorts. When you keep a secret for a long time you begin to curl up with it whether or not you realize you’re doing so. Yes, saying unspeakable things can be painful or leave you feeling out of sorts for a duration, but after awhile? That secret is no longer taking up as large of a residence within you.


I hope that everyone has a safe, happy, and healthy Independence Day. And if you don’t celebrate the 4th, celebrate something that you are grateful for this weekend!


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  1. Lori Lieberman
    4 years ago

    So great to be reminded of the normalcy of needing others and personal connections!Thanks, Ashley! Enjoy your Interdependence Day!


  2. Kate
    4 years ago

    Loved this! Thanks for reminding us what this holiday – and really all holidays – are about: Enjoying our time with family and friends and making the most of our connections with one another. I just wrote a post on enjoying food for the holiday without guilt: Happy Fourth!


  3. McKella
    4 years ago

    Interdependence day, that’s an interesting idea!
    Post I loved this week, this little gem at Roots of She:

    I posted a piece about how ridiculous I think the gym is, you might like it:
    Also, my take on Independence Day:


  4. Dr. Julia Becker
    4 years ago

    A great reminder of our need for interdependence, and excellent news on the candy!


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