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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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Five for Friday :: Five Women I’m Loving Today — and Their Blogs Too

September 23, 2011 3 Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

cup {image credit :: nicholas wray}


I’ve got more crushes than I can handle, but I narrowed down five women I’m really digging today. They inspire me, and I think they’ll inspire you too…


Already Pretty

:: Oh, Sally McGraw, how smart (and vivacious and stylish and… ) you are! As a blogger and freelance writer, Sally takes fashion to a new level. She makes it accessible and a way to honor our bodies rather than tear them apart. Ever wonder how to dress down fancy work clothes or feel good in your skin? She’s got ya.

A Beautiful Ripple Effect

:: Carolyn Rubenstein is truly a force in my mind. A future clinical psychologist, she has already started a non-profit, written a book on perseverance, and created an amazing site full of hope and inspiration. She says about her site, “Together, we’ll uncover truths, persevere on our quests and inspire one another as we take a stand against life-as-usual.” Love it.


Sarah Wilson

:: Speaking of forces, Sarah Wilson is right up there. An advocate for authentic, sustainable living, she’s also a media personality and journalist in her spare time. When she has an opinion, you know it. I don’t always agree with her, but she never fails to make me think. She says, “I practice the art of being a person who’s open and cool.” Rock on.

Eat With Joy

:: Rachel Stone recently wrote to me and alerted me to the amazing work she’s doing on Eat With Joy, a blog dedicated to family, faith, food, and justice. She says it’s about “accepting and nourishing yourself and resisting messages that get in the way of that.” Um, what could be better?

The Great Fitness Experiment

:: You know that friend you have who just seems to always get it, is witty and wise, and always makes you feel like your appendix is going to burst into a thousand pieces from laughing so hard? Charlotte Anderson is that friend – minus the ever having met her part. (But she did guest post right here!) On the surface she writes about fitness, but really she writes about everything. Check. Her. Out.



Reader Comment of the Week :: Margarita on Five Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

For years, I was so afraid of making the smallest mistakes, so I can definitely relate to the fear of failure. I took my grades very seriously, and if I did badly on a test or assignment, it shattered my world. So these are great tips! I also tend to procrastinate when it comes to writing because even though I love it, it’s scary and uncomfortable when the words don’t come together. But I’m working on it.


What women are you LOVING this week? Share below!


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  1. Big Girl Bombshell
    4 years ago

    thanks for the recommendations! I will check them out this weekend!
    Big Girl Bombshell recently posted..FAB Friday!


  2. Rachel Stone
    4 years ago

    Thanks, Ashley!
    Rachel Stone recently posted..goat farm


  3. Kat
    4 years ago

    I absolutely love Charlotte and the vibes she puts out there… her honesty and hilarity are things not easily rivaled.
    Kat recently posted..Keeping Calm and Carrying On


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