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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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You Should Know :: Gabi Gregg

May 4, 2012 4 Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

{image credit :: gabifresh}

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not an avid style blog reader. While my Google Reader is filled to the brim (I won’t tell you the number of sites out of fear of ridicule – yes, I do have an off-line life!), I only regularly check out one style blog, and that’s the oh-so-ah-mazing Already Pretty. (If you follow NTS on facebook, you probably already know that.)

But, I just came across this stellar site that I just had to share. Maybe I’m tardy to the party on this one, but have you seen GabiFresh yet? The blog of its namesake, Gabi Gregg, the site is a simple yet intriguing mixture of fashion, feminism, and fun.

As a self-described “fat girl.” Gabi originally created a break-out site called Young, Fat, and Fabulous that documented her daily wearings, with a dose of deeper meaning. She told MTV, “It has a message beyond fashion, about accepting yourself at any size, and feeling stylish.”

Her new site, GabiFresh, offers beautiful photography, fashion ideas, and a reminder that there is life beyond a size 6. A totally fabulous life in fact. Gabi is beautiful, smart, and worthy of a check-out. So go do that.

Have you heard of Gabi? What other style blogs do you like?

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  1. Frances
    3 years ago

    My year at MTV has officially come to an end, and I’m leaving 1515 Broadway with unforgettable memories. There were many highlights of my experience as TJ: appearing on the VMa pre-show, shaking Barack Obama’s hand at his town hall, getting a kiss on the cheek from Rihanna, meeting Kanye West the night he premiered “Runaway”…I could go on. The greatest part, though, has been the outpouring of support from my followers. I’m so grateful that this year allowed me to get even closer to you guys, and I will never forget how humbled and overwhelmed I was the night I won TJ. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and my journey, and I hope you continue to follow me @gabifresh (and my blog,
    Frances recently posted..WoW Gold Guide


  2. Tarrant
    3 years ago

    Thanks for blogging this blog! I hadn’t heard of it and love it!
    Tarrant recently posted..Cold Sesame Pearl Couscous


  3. Alissa
    3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing these links! I haven’t come across too many fashion-oriented blogs that don’t leave me feeling a little uncomfortable and less-than, like picking up Vogue. I really appreciate writers who reflect the diversity of bodies and looks out there. Your suggestions reminded me of this one, too:


  4. Arvie
    3 years ago

    I love your glasses. It matches with the dress
    Arvie recently posted..Chaise lounges


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