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Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness.

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Today’s Nourishment :: You Will Dazzle Them

February 21, 2013 No Comments by Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

From the blog of Mrs. Spit, a profoundly moving post about just how much things can change.

I lay in bed last night, thinking of the words of a co-worker about a meeting today. You will dazzle them, she said. I thought about that, and I thought about 14 year old me, and I thought about all of the me’s I have been in-between those times and now.

I will do my level best to dazzle them today.

A thing I would not have thought possible at 14. And mostly I wish there was me now to reach back to me then, to hold her by the shoulders, resting my arms around her neck. To whisper into her ear, softly:

One day you will have a life which you could not even imagine now. You will do things, meet people and go places that you don’t even know exist now. You will do this. Get through this. It isn’t easy, it is hard. This is a crucible for you. The teasing, the mocking and the confusion; the drugs, the sorrow and the pain. All of this it is making you stronger, tougher and more resilient. It isn’t fair and isn’t right that it is happening, but it is, and you will do things with this.

Please go read the entire post. You won’t regret it.

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